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The Truckload Carriers Association has named Dave Stuckey, from Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, a Highway Angel for coaxing motorist whose car had stalled in an intersection and caught fire.

It’s a heartwarming story: In November of 2021, Stuckey pulled out of the Perrysburg, Pennsylvania terminal at 3:30 a.m. and was approaching a red light when he noticed a car stopped just past the light.

He found this odd as the car was not waiting for the red light, but instead was “stalled” in the lane, after it had already made it through the light.

Stuckey shared with TCA that he noticed some sparks under the car that concerned him, so he called 911. He quickly got out of his truck and went over to the car to talk to the male driver who was sitting inside.

Stuckey said the driver seemed to be shocked and kept saying he had to get going, but Stuckey told him he needed to get out of the car, because he was worried about the sparks.

Without a moment to spare, the man quickly hopped out and immediately, to both of their surprise, the car erupted in flames. A minute or so later, the car was completely engulfed. The whole incident happened very quickly.

Stuckey has been with Ward Trucking since 1977, and has been recognized many times for his exemplary safe driving history. His vigilance in seeking help for the driver of the sparking car, as well as convincing him to exit the vehicle, illustrates his strong character and integrity. If it had not been for Dave, the driver may have perished in the car fire. 

TCA has presented him with a certificate, patches, lapel pin, and truck decals. The company has also received a letter acknowledging him as a Highway Angel.

Since the program’s inception in August 1997, nearly 1,300 professional truck drivers have been recognized as Highway Angels for the exemplary kindness, courtesy, and courage they have displayed while on the job.

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