Christopher Lloyd
Airline Transportation Specialists

Lloyd stopped at an accident where a car had slammed into a utility pole and erupted in flames. Although he wasn’t the only vehicle to pull up, he later learned, he was the only one to call 911. Using tools from his truck he broke windows

to gain access to the victims and worked on extinguishing the engine fire. Because of their injuries, he directed others to keep the victims immobile until EMT’s arrived and he used his firefighting training to contain the fire. A police officer told him the pair would have burned alive if it weren’t for him.

Calvin and Corey Williams, Inc
Armellini Express Lines, Inc.

The Williams twins witnessed a vehicle go down a steep embankment in a remote area in below freezing temperatures after passing them at a high rate of speed. After contacting 911, the brothers climbed down the embankment to find both passengers

ejected with serious injuries including a possible broken back. Not wanting to move them but knowing they needed warmth and attention until emergency services, the brothers stayed with the victims, providing blankets and warmth and reassurance for 4 hours until EMT were able to arrive. (They did not have jackets.) According the brothers, the location was so remote, that if they had not seen the car go off the road, no one would have seen them from the highway.

Addis Tekelu
CKJ Transport

Tekelu observed a vehicle ahead of him go off the road while driving at night and head into a wooded area. After contacting 911, he followed the tire tracks until he found the vehicle covered in bushes and branches with the woman trapped.

Tekelu was able to gain access through the rear door where he stayed with her until emergency services arrived. It was determined that the woman had suffered a medical emergency causing her to go off-road.