Alexandria, Virginia

Danny Martin, a professional truck driver with ABF Freight System of Fort Smith, Arkansas has been named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). Martin, also of Fort Smith, Arkansas, is being recognized for his role in helping a deputy subdue a man who was attempting to flee arrest.

On October 18, 2017, Martin was driving south on Highway 49 when he exited to a side road to make a delivery. As he pulled off the frontage road, he noticed a Simpson County Sheriffs Department Deputy arguing with a man who was leaning over a police car. He could tell by their actions that the deputy was attempting to have the man put his hands behind his back, but that he was becoming combative, resisting arrest and pushing the deputy. When he pushed the deputy a second time, Martin knew it was time to get out of his truck and assist.

The deputy was an older gentleman and Martin knew he would need some help as the situation escalated. Martin called out, “Look man, just do what he tells you to do and no one will get hurt.” Finally, as the deputy was able to put one cuff around the man’s arm but just then the man pushed the deputy off and tried to run. Acting swiftly, Martin stepped in and helped to wrestle the man to the ground in the grass off the side of the road. The man began to drag the deputy along with the handcuffs, and they all continued wrestling for several minutes.

Soon, a city truck arrived with a jail trustee in the back. The trustee hopped out of the truck and yelled at the assailant to get down on the ground. Martin grabbed the handcuffs and was quickly able to cuff both wrists. Without hesitation the men placed the man into the police car, and Martin was finally able to breathe for a moment before giving his statement as other police arrived. Martin left the scene without getting much of a chance to speak with the deputy after the incident. To his surprise, later that evening, Martin received a call from Deputy Blair, who thanked him for stopping to assist. He told Martin he had a broken hand and a bad cut, but the situation could have been much worse if he hadn’t stopped to help.

“I just did what I could,” Martin shared with TCA. “Didn’t think twice about that. When I saw the guy resisting I knew this could turn out to be a bad situation, so I just stepped in to help. I’m glad I was there.”

The Highway Angel program, managed by the Truckload Carriers Association, is an ongoing effort to help recognize driver professionalism and to elevate the public’s awareness of, and appreciation for, outstanding drivers in the trucking industry. The Highway Angel program is generously sponsored by EpicVue, the leading provider of premium in-cab satellite TV services packaged exclusively for the trucking industry.