Trucker Named Highway Angel for Aiding Injured Crash Victims

Alexandria, Virginia

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has named truck driver Jonathon Adams, from Grand Rapids, MN, a Highway Angel for heroically rescuing an injured crash victim trapped in a wrecked vehicle and communicating important details to authorities. Adams drives for Prime, Inc. out of Springfield, MO.

It’s an incredible story: On June 24, 2023 in Simpsonville, KY, around 4 p.m., Adams was on I-64 when he saw an accident take place. A passenger vehicle swerved into another lane, causing another passenger vehicle to run off the road and flip multiple times, end over end.

“Me being prior law enforcement-trained and I used to be a CPR instructor — I’m definitely a first responder — I definitely needed to pull over and help,” Adams said.

Adams, who also is a U.S. Air Force veteran, called 911 and safely pulled over to assist. When he got to the vehicle he saw three people were out of the car but was told there was a fourth passenger still inside the vehicle. Adams pried open the door and found the passenger, who appeared to be severely injured. He asked the individual if he could get out and was told he could not, so Adams pulled the passenger out of the vehicle, carried him out of the car, out of the ditch in which the vehicle crashed and onto the side of the road. Adams put him next to the other passengers safely off the road. At that point, he turned the car off and disconnected the battery to prevent it from catching on fire.

“Everybody was just head concussions, seat belt injuries and just broken bones,” Adams said, noting he was able to inform the first responders about injury details to help them know what vehicles to bring to the scene. Another bystander who stopped to help was a nurse, so Adams asked her to keep an eye on a crash victim with head trauma and to not let her fall asleep.

Once EMS arrived, Adams advised the crew of the situation and who needed immediate help. He spoke with police and was able to offer his dash cam footage to help identify the vehicle that had swerved into the other lane. Adams stayed on site for an hour helping the police.

“I really do well in a time of crisis,” Adams noted. “If I get hurt, I’ll figure it out later.”

Since the program’s inception in August 1997, nearly 1,300 professional truck drivers have been recognized as Highway Angels for exemplary kindness, courtesy, and courage displayed while on the job. Thanks to the program’s presenting sponsor, EpicVue, and supporting sponsor, DriverFacts, TCA is able to showcase outstanding drivers like Mr. Adams