Alexandria, Virginia

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has named Rodney Dryden of San Antonio, Texas, as its latest Highway Angel. Dryden, who drives for Transco Lines, Inc., of Russellville, Arkansas, is being recognized for helping a fellow professional truck driver who was involved in an accident.

On May 15, 2014, at approximately 11 a.m., Dryden was traveling westbound on I-40 toward Little Rock, Arkansas, when he saw another commercial vehicle swerve to the left, swing back to the right, and then careen down an embankment into a wooded area. Dryden pulled to the side of the road and immediately used his CB radio to ask if someone could call for help. He then ran into the woods to check on the driver, not realizing that he was rubbing up against some poison ivy in the process (he was wearing shorts that day).

Dryden could see that the man was trapped in his crushed cab and bleeding. His vehicle was submerged in about three feet of standing water. About 30 feet of swamp stood between Dryden and the victim, so he could not get as close as he would have liked. He called out to the man, told him to stay put until help arrived, and maintained constant communication with him, which helped to ensure that he remained conscious. Dryden stayed with him until help arrived. He then explained the situation to the state trooper and provided his assessment of the condition of the man’s fuel tanks, which had been ripped open, spilling fuel into the surrounding water. After the scene was secured, the authorities thanked Dryden for his assistance and stopped traffic to allow him to safely re-enter the interstate.

Dryden, who has been driving for more than 11 years, said modestly, “I don’t think I did that much… I just made sure [the man] stayed conscious and didn’t pass out. He was very lucky.”

As a TCA Highway Angel, Dryden has been presented with a certificate, patch, and lapel pin. Transco Lines, Inc. also received a certificate acknowledging that one of its drivers is a Highway Angel.